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We design, supply, and install systems for automotive facilities, all backed by our strong after-sales support. Our expertise is sourcing and combining equipment based on your needs, whilst focusing on practicality, reliability, and sustainability. We bridge the gap between you and international suppliers, bringing your business the latest innovation and exceptional quality that reflects your high standards.


We cooperate with numerous brands for our automotive products.

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Our wide range of products include pneumatic, hydraulic, and instrumentation components. Not just a distributor, we are a one-stop solutions provider able to provide comprehensive systems made of industrial components and equipment to cater to various applications. We strive to satisfy your business in terms of cost effectiveness, delivery time, and quality.

When it comes to material handling, performance and reliability is key. Our equipment is known to be ergonomic, safe, and sturdy. Whether you are running a warehouse, factory, commercial premise, or industrial site, we provide ready- and custom-made solutions to meet your very specific requirements. Beyond that, our after-sales support covers the maintenance and repair of your equipment. 


We cooperate with numerous brands for our industrial products.

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Founded in 1990, our QMAX glove testing machine division has been serving the industry with state-of-the-art, patented automated technology. Unlike the conventional water tight test (WTT), our method is non-destructive, and it has a minimum 99% rate of being pinhole-free. Our efforts do not stop at manufacturing and R&D, as we also provide training, calibration, repair, and software updates.

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