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Draining the Hassle: Why You Need a SAMOA Waste Oil Drainer in Your Workshop

Used motor oil is a necessary byproduct of keeping your vehicles running smoothly, but disposing of it safely and responsibly can be a real pain. Enter the SAMOA waste oil drainer, a workshop hero designed to make oil changes cleaner, faster, and more eco-friendly.

Let us dive into the benefits of owning a SAMOA drainer and explore the different models available to suit your specific needs and how UNIPAC being its distributor can assist you and improve your workshops’ efficiency and sustainability.

Why Choose a SAMOA Drainer?

Convenience: Forget messy funnels and precarious drain pans. SAMOA drainers collect oil directly from your vehicle, eliminating spills and simplifying the process.

Efficiency: Pneumatic and pump options allow for quick and effortless oil transfer, saving you valuable time in your workshop.

Safety: Built with robust materials and safety features like pressure valves, SAMOA drainers minimize the risk of accidents and ensure safe oil handling.

Environmentally friendly: By capturing used oil for proper disposal, you’re preventing harmful contaminants from entering our waterways and soil.

Variety of models: SAMOA offers a range of drainers catering to different vehicle types and workshop sizes, from compact motorcycle drainers to large-capacity units for professional applications.

SAMOA motorbikes

SAMOA 437300 Waste Oil Drainer for Motorbikes

Exploring the SAMOA Drainer Lineup:

Gravity Collection Units: These entry-level options offer simple and effective oil drainage with capacities ranging from 20 to 100 liters. Ideal for home mechanics and small workshops.

372100 Waste Oil Suction Collection / Waste Oil Drainer

372000 Waste Oil Suction & Gravity Receivers / Waste Oil Drainer

373400 Gravity Waste Oil Drainer

For product specification and price, please click on your desired product

Pump Discharge Units: Equipped with manual or pneumatic pumps, these drainers provide faster oil transfer and are suitable for medium-duty applications.

Specialty Drainers: SAMOA also caters to specific needs with motorcycle drainers, low-level mobile drainers, and antifreeze recovery units.

Remote Pump Discharge Units: Offering ultimate convenience, these models feature a remotely operated pump for effortless oil draining, perfect for busy workshops.

347120 Pumpmaster 4 – 5:1 Ratio Oil Pumps

Interested in 347120 Pumpmaster 4? Get it now at 16% OFF! Click HERE for product specification & price

Elevate Your Fluid Management with Unipac

At Unipac, we believe that efficient fluid management is the cornerstone of operational excellence. With our comprehensive range of solutions, sourced from trusted brands worldwide, we empower industries to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and uphold sustainability principles. Whether you’re tackling waste oil disposal or optimizing fluid transfer processes, Unipac has the tools and expertise to support your journey towards fluid management excellence.

Explore our fluid management solutions today and experience the Unipac difference in action.

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