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UNIPAC Equips OPM Lite with Essential Workshop Equipment

Unipac is proud to announce its recent partnership with OPM Lite, a leading automotive workshop in Klang Valley. We have supplied OPM Lite with a range of essential equipment to ensure their smooth operation and continued success in serving their customers.

Streamlining Operations with Unipac’s Equipment Selection

Lifting and Positioning:

EAE 62C.E.42T 2 Post Lift Baseless (Capacity: 4200 kg): This robust two-post lift provides secure and efficient lifting of vehicles up to 4200 kilograms, allowing OPM Lite’s technicians to perform maintenance and repairs on a wide range of cars and trucks.

EAE 6501 Full Rise Scissor Lift (Capacity: 3000 kg): Offering excellent maneuverability and precise positioning, the EAE 6501 scissor lift is ideal for reaching tight spaces and working underneath vehicles comfortably. Its 3000 kg capacity caters to most car models.

Storage and Organization:

BETA BW 2400S G7/E-S Mobile Roller Cab with 7 drawers, Assortment 240 tools (Grey): This well-equipped mobile tool chest keeps essential tools organized and readily accessible, allowing OPM Lite’s technicians to work efficiently without wasting time searching for equipment.

To view product specification and price, please click HERE

Compressed Air:

Atlas Copco ATB3-V200 Iron Piston Compressor Vertical Tank: This reliable compressor provides a steady stream of compressed air, powering various pneumatic tools used in automotive workshops, such as impact wrenches and tire inflators.

Air Management:

Samoa 500116 Air Hose Reel 12M 3/8″: This air hose reel conveniently stores and dispenses the air hose, keeping the workspace organized and preventing tripping hazards.

Waste Management:

Samoa 373400 Waste Oil Drainer (Capacity: 70 liters tank / 10 liters basin): This efficient oil drainer allows for the safe and clean removal of used engine oil, promoting a clean and responsible work environment.

Diagnostics and Repair:

Smart Diagnostics MaxiSys MS906Pro: This advanced diagnostic tool provides OPM Lite’s technicians with comprehensive vehicle information and diagnostic capabilities, enabling them to identify and troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately.

By supplying OPM Lite with this comprehensive range of equipment, Unipac is confident that they have the tools and resources necessary to operate efficiently and deliver exceptional service to their customers. We are proud to be a part of their success story and look forward to their continued growth.

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